Why do I enjoy puppy play?

For me the main reason I enjoy puppy play/being a pup is the sense of escapism it gives. When I am in pup mode, I very quickly forget about day to day life and am only interested in getting attention and treats. It is also a lovely way to de-stress and unwind.

I don’t need to be in full gear to feel like a pup and indeed puppy mannerisms have slowly slipped into my normal life too. My owner can very easily reach over and scratch me behind the ear and that is enough to start me slipping into my submissive puppy side. I can’t say that puppy play makes me particularly horny during normal play times, but I have had some very horny times as a solo pup with my owner but also with other pups. I think it depends on the situation and how I am feeling.

I am sure there are some people reading it that think owners shouldn’t play with their pups sexually or indeed fuck them, but for me it works with my owner and so I am very happy with this situation. I have also had pup on pup sex, which was amazing, but of course you do need an owner to help.

I have met some great new people, friends and indeed other pups on my journey of becoming the rubber pup, known as Gizmo, I am today. I don’t take puppy play too seriously. It is all about enjoying myself and if that means wearing my gear but staying on two legs then that’s absolutely fine by me. I do enjoy being on all fours, playing with toys, begging for treats as well, but sometimes it is just nice to what is essentially show off in the gear, especially if that gear is skintight sexy shiny rubber!

Pup Gizmo
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